Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones, daughter of Rhea and Calvin Jones, is sixteen and finds
a great deal of joy in her various hobbies. As well as being an avid
writer, she enjoys reading, gardening, and music. Nicole has a great
heart for those on the mission field and is hoping to join their
leagues one day, ministering to those in darkness whose greatest need
is the Light of Life. While she completes her schooling in the United
States, however, she is striving to honor the Lord by raising funds
for a project she truly believes in: stopping human trafficking. Above
all Nicole wishes for a deeper walk with the Lord, for a passionate
heart of love for others, and for God to be glorified by her life and

Rachelle Jones
Rachelle Jones is Nicole's older (and usually wiser) sister whose
enjoyment of learning far exceeds that of anyone else around! She
loves sewing and owns an alteration/designing business called Sew
Creative Gifts, which is one of our sponsors. Rachelle is twenty, and
is a very productive lady! Her hobbies include recording self-composed
music on both violin and piano, reading, giving people massages, and
baking gourmet desserts. She has a God-given longing to help young
women recover from abusive situations and help them come to know the
love of the Heavenly Father.

Rose Cassidy
Rose Cassidy, dear friend of Nicole Jones, is the humble daughter of
Don and Suzanne Cassidy. Though she has four other siblings, who keep
her in constant need of sanctification, she loves her family
immensely. Rose adores tea and enjoys reading in her spare time…(as
well as time that isn’t spare). Her cheerful smile and pleasant laugh
keep everyone around her in a jolly mood, and she is well known for
being dramatic to the extreme. She professes herself happy that this
event will be on the day of her seventeenth birthday and hopes that it will further
His kingdom and give Him utmost glory!
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Sew Creative
My passion is sewing beautiful, creative, innovative clothing and designs for every need and occasion.  My customers often respond with “Wow!”

Knights of Columbus
We are a non-profit organization that supports many charitable projects!

The Rebelution
A teenage rebellion against low expectations, the word 'rebelution' is a combination of the words "rebellion" and "revolution." Join the uprising!

Laces By Alana Tatter
Tatting is a very intricate art, evoking thoughts of lovely Victorian & Edwardian ladies gently plying their shuttles.

If you'd like to learn more about the difficult and time consuming art of shuttle tatting, just hop over to my blog to see what new projects I'm working on.

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