Sex Slavery

Shut your eyes and imagine yourself back into childhood. Then imagine that you, as your child self, are forced into a life of the atrocities of slavery, of sex slavery. Imagine what you would give for physical and emotional freedom.
     Imagine learning there were people who wanted to aid in giving you that freedom.
     Will you join us, will you be one of those people, to aid in bringing liberation to girls who have lived such bleak lives?

The Story

This adventure began when sisters Nicole and Rachelle Jones asked their cousin what his passion in life was. The response was, "Contra-sex trafficking."
            Nicole admits, "I didn't really know what that was. So I began to read."
            The details  of this dark crime would break these girl's hearts. But not only that, it would move them to action.
            They discovered a Colorado chapter of the fight against sex slavery called The Mercy Project, a chapter in the process of bringing about an aftercare facility. A facility would mean a place for girls to find freedom through mentoring and learning to build a new life, and the sisters began to ponder what they could do to help bring that place about. 
And out of the clear blue came a community of passionate volunteers, a dance instructor and caller, a caterer, a speaker on sex trafficking, a building, and a myriad of other facets conducive to the perfect event: a dance and dinner to raise the funds and the awareness.

The Freedom Ball was launched.