Make Change, Now

Doing one or more of the following will be a massive help for spreading this cause and event.

-A facebook post linking to this blog
-A blog post linking to this blog
-A tweet (or tweets) linking to this blog
-Mentions of this blog on any kind of social networking site
-An e-mail to everyone on your contacts list, with a link
-Consider any practical ways you can raise money at your school or community towards the Mercy Project facility. Donations will be accepted at the door.
-Take an offering for the cause.
-Host a practical fundraiser. Bake sales are common and easy in some places. Perhaps you can make and sell bracelets? Make t-shirts? Think of your gifts, and how you can use them to change lives.
-If you host a fundraiser for this specific cause, consider handing out flyers with mention of the event and this blog.
-Interested in the possibility of being a sponsor for the event and having a post about you/your company on the blog, as well as a spot on The Team page?
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